Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Wrapping is a popular alternative to painting as it is reversable when you fancy a change or come to sell the vehicle.

We can wrap anything from wing mirrors to a full vehicle, so whether you fancy pink wing mirrors, a carbon fibre look bonnet, gloss back roof, or a full colour change we can accomodate your needs.

There are many different qualities of vinyl and we only use the best brands out there. We wouldn’t want a wrapped roof to peel after a month and we certainly know that you wouldn’t either!!!…. Cheapest is not always Best!!

The possibilities with wraps are endless, and can also be combined with vinyl graphics, for example stripes, chequers etc etc.

Whilst vinyl wrap can be removed, it is important to point out that if the paintwork is not of OEM standard (ie factory) sometimes the vinyl can remove the laquer or the paint, this is down to the condition of the paint and not the installation.

Due to the importance of temperature and clean work area, we only offer vinyl wrapping from our premises.