What is remapping and how is it done?
Most engines are controlled by an ECU (on-board computer). The ECU controls and monitors how the car works.
However the manufacturers default settings are not always the best they could be. This is because they sell their cars all over the world and have to take into consideration the different climates, laws and quality of fuel. Also they often have different power outputs on different specs (using the same engine) so the default map is set within very wide safety margins.

By reading YOUR cars ECU and making changes to your cars file (not a generic file), we can alter the program to make the car more powerful, responsive and often increased miles per gallon.

We can also factor in modifications, so if you have added upgraded parts to the vehicle, we can help unlock extra potential from these modifications

A typical remap will take approx. an hour and a half to complete and we can cater for 90% of vehicles on the road, if we are unfortunate enough not to be able to do your car there is obviously no charge to yourself.

Please email or call for further details or to book your car in with us.

Most remaps are done at our premises, but for certain vehicles we can offer a mobile service.