Flocking has become very popular over the past few years, we see it every day without realising. Its evident on clothes, curtains and wallpapers. The best way to describe it is that is has an almost velvet feel to it.

Flocking in vehicles stemmed from motorsport as a flocked dash cuts any reflections from the dash on the windscreen and therefore was popular in rally cars.

Flocking is most commonly done to car interior parts, but can be used on exterior parts aswell, We regularly flock full dashboards, centre consoles, door cards etc.
We receive many parts by courier from across the UK due to our high standard and quality of work, and have had cars with our work in the Top 25 modified, and often receive Judges comments on the quality.

We are not limited to car parts either, and have flocked items such as mirror frames.

We offer package deals on our flocking service so if you have an individual product, please drop us a message or give us a call.