There are many benefits of having vehicle windows tinted


The first and most obvious is that it will dramatically improve the appearance of your car. With a range of shades available, we can create different appearances to suit your style.


When the sun is out, we all know it doesn’t take long for the inside of your car to get uncomfortably hot. Tinted windows can reduce the temperature inside your car by up to 60%.


UV rays from the sun are harmful and can damage your skin, they can be particulary dangerous for children. Tinted windows blocks over 99% of UV Rays, creating a safer environment to be in.

Cracking and fading

UV rays not only damage skin, but take their toll on the interior, causing it to fade and crack over time. With window film blocking these rays, it will help your car interior to last longer and look better compared to a vehicle without tints.


The darker options of window tint will stop prying eyes from seeing inside your vehicle. Thus reducing the risk of your vehicle being broken into. The film also helps hold the glass together if someone was to break a window, which means its harder and takes longer to get access to the inside.